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About Poppy & Co.

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At Poppy and Co., we go straight to the source - the amazing Amazon forest, and work with the local community to bring you the freshest, highest quality organic Açaí. 

Our organic Açaí berries are harvested, pulped and frozen within the same day to retain maximum freshness and nutrients.

  • 100% organic with NO pesticides

  • 100% pure with NO additives, preservatives, stabilisers, sweeteners, emulsifiers e.g. soy lecithin

  • GMO-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan friendly

  • Allergen free

  • Halal certified


Our Story


Poppy & Co. was started with the idea of bringing high quality food and ingredients from around the world to local markets, introducing new creations and adaptations along the way to suit local palates and needs.

It was by chance I came across various films and books like Fork Over Knives, Cowspiracy, The World Peace Diet etc about diet nutrition and the impacts of our food choices to our health, life and environment. I was greatly inspired to make a difference to my then unhealthy lifestyle and share my new outlook to as many people as I can, touching the lives of people who were like me back then to make a difference through the food they consume. By conducting workshops, I was able to spread this awareness. It is my goal for my workshops to leave my participants feeling happy, hopeful and determined. 


About me


Hi, I am Kevin. 

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Our Workshop


- Introduction on Poppy & Co.

- Meaningful videos and slideshows to illustrate my teaching points and past experiences

- Full hands-on activities where participants will be guided on how to make their own açaí bowl

  (Ingredients, blender and utensils etc are provided)

- Fun challenges incorporated during and after the workshop

- Gathering feedback from participants

- Free goodies to be given 


Price ranges from $ - $


Enquire with us regarding corporate team bonding sessions, courses for your institution or collaboration opportunities. 
We look forward to hearing from you! 

Email: love@poppyandco.me






Had a lot of fun learning how to make my own açaí bowl at the Creators Market at DBS Marina Regatta.

- Melissa -


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