Nutribullet NB900 900W Blender

Nutribullet NB900 900W Blender


The most convenient, high power, easy to clean cup size blender in the market perfect for making your healthy and delicious Açaí breakfast bowl and smoothies.

Takes you just 5 minutes to blend, rinse and enjoy your breakfast routine again the next day.

  • 1 x Nutribullet 900W Blender 
  • 1 Blender base
  • 1 x large cup for 2-3 pax servings
  • 1 x small cup for single pax serving
  • BONUS: 4 boxes of 4x100g organic frozen Açaí packs perfect for making 16 healthy and delicious Açaí bowls
  • Free doorstep delivery (Retail price: $52)


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