Raw Organic Açaí Berry Pulp x 1 carton

Raw Organic Açaí Berry Pulp x 1 carton

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This is how the Brazilians have been consuming their Açaí for decades. Recommended for raw vegans, health and fitness-conscious adults who wish to reap the raw power of the Açaí, and anyone who prefers to use raw ingredients

Organic | GMO-free | Dairy-free |Gluten-free | Vegan-friendly

  • Free from preservatives, stabilizers, additives, sweeteners, allergens, emulsifiers and harvested, pulped and frozen within the same day

  • Halal Certified

  • Allergen Free (No soy lecithin)


  • 16 boxes of 4x100g Organic Açaí Berry Pulp (Supermarket price: $232)

  • Each box contains 4 x 100g Organic Açaí Berry Pulp

  • You require 1 x 100g bar of Organic Açaí Berry Pulp to make 1 organic Açaí bowl

  • Good for 64 organic Açaí bowls

  • Expiry: 23 May 2019

  • Free doorstep delivery

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